Facing Massacre Prisoners in Homs Go On Hunger Strike

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Statement From Besieged Detainees in Homs Central Prison

Oct 17, 2017: More than 500 political prisoners in Homs Central Prison detained by the regime for participating in the Syrian revolution who are currently besieged and facing possible massacre by regime forces and supporting militias, have issued a statement announcing that they have launched a hunger strike, and issuing a distress call to all international organizations, especially those concerned with human rights, to the international community, and to the all the free people of the world.

The statement reads: “We are detainees in Homs Central Prison who have been arrested for participating in the revolution in our beloved country. We declare that we will refuse food and drink and declare a hunger strike

1. Because we have suffered, as the great Syrian people have suffeed, from oppression, injustice and tyranny.
2. Because we were always treated as the weakest link in any negotiations, and we were the last item to be considered in any local or international meeting.
3. Because we are abused in the prison and cannot bear this suffering, and the pain of our parents, spouses, children and loved ones.
4. Because all the promises made by all the parties to the conflict and crisis in Syria have been in vain.

This is a distress call on all humanitarian organizations requesting immediate intervention to prevent any prison break-in.

Our peaceful hunger strike is our legitimate right and is the only way left to us to raise our voice to all the world's free peoples.

We demand that we be immediately evacuated from prison prior to any negotiation, as with those areas, towns and villages evacuated within hours under the auspices of international observers.

We only want our freedom, our dignity and the release of ourselves and our families, so that we may return to our parents, our children and our other loved ones.

From: The Detainees of Homs Central Prison

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