This Didn't Start with the Slap

The fascist and Zionist media are all in a lather because a Palestinian teenager had the nerve (really call it courage) to slap an Israeli soldier in her town. Courage? Absolutely. The soldier could have easily shot her dead without the slightest punishment. She did this because a soldier, perhaps that very same soldier had shot her cousin Mohammad in the head that day. The youth had an operation and is in a medically induced coma.
mohamad in hospital (49K)

January 1 2018 update. Ahed Tamimi has been charged with 5 counts of assault for slapping an Israeli soldier. Compare this to the criminal IDF soldier who punches a blindfolded Palestinian in the head in Hebron on Dec. 8. For from being charged he'll probably become part of Netanyahu's cabinet.

Dec. 30 update. The Mondoweiss site notes that the soldier slapped Ahed first and that is edited out by Zionist hasbara

Bassem Tamimi, Ahed's father, spoke in New York City in 2015. He explained that the dispute in Nabi Saleh has been going on since 2009 when settler's just took over the town's spring, which has been their water supply for as long as anyone can remember. They held weekly demonstrations for 6 years, popular resistance, which was met with constant violence including one killing.
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He started by showing two videos, one of Ahed and others in 2015 prying a child from the hands of an Israeli soldier, the other the last momoments of Mustafa Tamimi's brother in law, shot in 2011 in front of his sister (who was the camera operator). Part 1 of Bassem's talk on the TV program "The Struggle"

Part 2 he explains that the problem is not theft of one well or the building of a settlement, but the entire occupation.

In part 3, Tamimi gave answers to Stanley Heller's questions about 1) "skunk", a foul smelling "crowd control" liquid that the Israelis shoot INTO houses and 2) retaliation against the family.

ben ehrenreich 2016 new haven (20K)
The Jewish author Ben Ehrenreich wrote a book about Nabi Saleh and spoke about it in New Haven in 2016. Here is TSVN video of his talk

The New York Times had a crappy article on Ahed Tamimi (even though they know the issue well because they published a big article by Ehrenreich in the New York Times magazine several years ago). Half of it was on the question of how nice and restrained the soldier was who had been slapped. There was no photo of the youth in the hospital. (It did mention that the excuse for a human, Naftali Bennet, Israel's Education Minister, called for the Tamimi family to be sentence to prison for life.)

Say, where is Bernie Sanders?

Every once in a while he calls for U.S. policy and to be more "even handed" and he meets with a Palestinian or two and we're supposed to go all gagga. When is he going to start speaking out for the Tamimis? When will he denounce the anti-BDS, anti-free-speech laws? When we he do the decent thing and denounce Israeli apartheid and its long list of murders of Palestinians?

The first slap heard round the world from a 1970's movie where a black man (Sydney Poitier) slaps a Southern aristocrat.
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