As Free Aleppo is Crushed, Support for Syrians Still Must Go On

human rights day in aleppo (198K)

We must show solidarity and we must shame the Obama and (the UK's) May Administrations into dropping food and supplies for the starving in all the besieged areas. The politicians have let us down. A bill to punish those who help violate the human rights of Syrians passed the House without opposition in November, but was dropped by the Senate without a vote. To our knowledge no member of Congress is calling for airdrops for Syrians under siege. Expose their shameful indifference. Syria is 1994 Rwanda all over again.

In the U.K over 137,000 signed a petition for airdrops of food. The Tory Government doesn't want to do anything and Corbyn's Labour Party is making no real effort either.

Stanley Heller's article in the influential Washington DC site "The Hill" 12/15 "Will Syria Be Obama's Rwanda?"

Six people in the UK get enormous media attention as they embarrass Labour's Corbyn over His Syria inaction. TSVN Interview.

Stanley Heller's opinion piece in the New Haven Register begins "Even at this late date we can help save Syria from brutal dictatorship and foreign domination. Airdropping food and supplies can break the sieges. The technology is there. The legal basis is established. What is missing is political will to act."

Open Signed Letter "Appeal to Break the Sieges in Syria"

Green Party Member of the UK Parliament Calls for Airdrops of Food

For those who are under the illusion that the Assad dynasty ever supported Palestinian interests see this piece form 2012. Just two forgotten facts: 1) Hafez Assad came to power and ended Syrian support for Palestians being crushed by King Hussein in Jordan and 2)In Lebanon in 1983 Assad and Israel put Tripoli under siege to force Arafat to leave.

For those who advise the Syrians to just surrender and submit to Assad recall what the fascists did in Spain after they won in 1939. The massacres of the defeated went on for years. The last executions were in 1951.

Save the date, Sat. January 7, 2017 in the afternoon. Forum on Syria with Yasser Munif at the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme. Details coming.

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