Anti-Semitism that Bret Stephens is Ignoring

by Stanley Heller

September 28. Valerie Plame, an ex-CIA operative, tweeted a link to a nasty article by Philip Giradi called “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars”. Louis Project properly savaged it here. New York Times columnist Brett Stephens mentions this bit of Jew baiting and then lumps a bunch of other comments, some anti-Semitic, but mostly good harsh criticisms of Netanyahu and his merry apartheid band. Stephens does it all in a sarcastic mock "I believe ..." style.

Besides purposely confusing the issue Stephens igores the long long history of Zionists betraying Jewish interests for that of the Zionist project and state. This was a comment that I sent in to the NYT that will hopefully be posted with the others. I used his same style of sarcasm.

Very smart Bret. Mix actual anti-Semitism with honest criticism of Israel.

How about putting these on your list?

I believe it's OK for Prime Minister Netanyahu to be silent about his son's anti-Semitic Twitter cartoon

I believe Netanyahu is right for virtually ignoring the prime minister of Hungary's use of George Soros as the evil Jew behind all the world's troubles

I believe there's nothing to worry about in Germany when a party whose leaders take pride in their World War II soldiers wins 13% of the vote. After all the party says it loves Israel.

It was just fine that Israel let Sebastian Gorka into the country. After all he didn't wear his Hungarian Nazi collaborator medal.

I believe Netanyahu was super smart in not criticizing Trump for forgetting to mention Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day. As Netanyahu said, "This man is a great friend of Jews and Israel"

I believe there was no reason for Netanyahu to criticize Trump statement about all the fine people who marched in Charlottesville along people who held Nazi flags.

I believe it was just good business for Israel to sell weapons to Argentina's fascist junta during the '70's even though the dictatorship made its Jewish prisoners kneel before pictures of Hitler.

I believe Elie Wiesel was only kidding when he wrote in 1993 about the Holocaust era "the Jewish leaders of Palestine never made the rescue of European Jews into an overwhelming national priority."

As far a I can tell the NYT published 415 comments, but not this one. Wikipedia says Stephens was formerly a columnist for The Wall Street Journal as the foreign-affairs columnist editor in chief of the Jerusalem Post, both far Right establishment mouthpieces

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