Accomplishments 2013

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Newest: "The Struggle" is now showing on Channel 12 each Friday in Springfield, MA at 8 p.m.

Another 52 TV programs, and 80 to 100 videos and podcasts

"strugglevideomedia" You Tube channel hits 500,000 views

Johanna Rivera speaks in New Haven "Iraq, Ten Years after Shock and Awe"

Help bring Israeli activist Miko Peled for two talk in CT

Helped Organize the civil liberties conference featuring Glenn Greenwals (before he became internationally known)

Did video of Jeremy Scahill talks at Yale

In September we broadcast our 500th program of "The Struggle" Video News.

Helped bring Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin to CT for two talks

Bought a video camera for our first video correspondent in Palestine

Added a number of new archives on "The Struggle" Libya, Drones, Losing Our Rights, Turkey

Connecticut Historical Society adds or journal and video to its permanent archive

Took part or arranged all the demonstrations opposing U.S. bombing of Syria

In March, obituary in memoriam for Rachel Corrie New Haven Register on the 10 anniversary of her murder

Attended the Organizers Conference of the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation

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