"The Struggle" at the Connecticut Historical Society

Struggle_archived_CHSM (16K)

On April 24, 2013 the Middle East Crisis Committee donated various items to the Connecticut Historical Society Museum and Library in Hartford.

Included were all copies of the print edition of "The Struggle" published from 1984-2006, several hundred DVD's of the TV show "The Struggle" approximately shown 2005-2012, the banner featuring a photo of Cindy Sheehan with the words "No, It's Not a Noble Cause", the Bendib cartoon we commissioned about the Iraq "Shock and Awe War", a poster from the '80's calling for freedom for Mordechai Vanunu, our 1984 sign protesting the Bridgeport appearance of Ariel Sharon, and a poster protesting the SCSU event for Ehud Barack.

The materials are now CHS property and will be used in future exhibits and for eventual research viewing by the public.

Obviously the CHS is not endorsing any of our activist views, but we're rather proud that the record of our decades of activity and activist reporting on Middle East human rights issues is considered worthy to be preserved by the museum.

The Connecticut Historical Society is located 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, Connecticut.