Banners with Messages to Obama Held in Bridgeport

Obama cancelled his Bridgeport trip due to a Cabinet meeting on Ebola, but some of us still came out with our climate and anti-war banners. We got a good number of honks and waves.

Co-Sponsored by Middle East Crisis Committee, Capitalism Vs. the Climate, International Socialist Organization (CT), Promoting Enduring Peace, 350-CT. .

Bring signs and banners about war, climate, Ferguson and more

Not Another Damn War
No One Made the U.S. the Cops of the World
Solidarity with the Kurds Against ISIS Killers
Fight Religious Extremism, Cut Off Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Cut Off the Money to Apartheid Israel
No War, No Warming

map of protests oct 15 (120K)

obama as bombing aircraft (54K)