Denouncing Bannan and the Zionist Organization of America

if not now blocks doors (65K)

The Israeli paper Haaretz describes the event and "names names" of the man and women who are happy to throw Jews under the bus in their worship of the State, money and power. It notes that Sebastian Gorka was in the audience. This former Trump Administration official was exposed by the Forward as routinely wearing the medal of a Hungarian nazi organization and almost surely is a member of the organization.

As the Forward notes the Vitézi Rend was "founded by Admiral Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s wartime leader. Horthy, a self-declared anti-Semite who passed anti-Jewish laws prior to the war and collaborated with Hitler during the conflict, rewarded members of the Vitézi Rend with land confiscated from Hungarian Jews whom he turned over to Hitler. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were deported to concentration camps under his rule."

Here are the names of some of the despicables: ZOA President Morton Klein, former White House press secreatry Sean Spicer, conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec and alt-light provocateur Laura Loomer. Retired Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman was presented with an award, as was serving American ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. Sen. Cotton of Arkansas was there, infamous for his proposed bill to slash legal immigration. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz spoke and warned about left-wing extremists. About 1,000 were in the audience.

Regular tickets to the event cost $700. Perhaps never before in history have Jews of the 1% been so ready to sit with people who hate their religion and traditions, but hob nob with their elite out of fascist self-interest. Yet outside the hundreds of youthful Jews showed that the betrayers are losing their hold over the next generation.

Here's a Nov. 13 opinion piece by Batya Ungar -Sargon about the ZOA event and protest on the U.S. Jewish paper "Forward". You'll note that Alan Dershowitz was more concerned about "Forward" attending the event than the alt-Right hatemongers.

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