Answering Hysteria Over Syrian Refugees

An article in the New Haven Register by Atty. Norm Pattis prompted this response by Stanley Heller

Many things wrong with the piece

1. It assumes that ISIS and its monstrosities started out yesterday and that panic is the best response. It wants to strike out without knowing what's been going on in the Middle East for the last decades.

2. It has no understanding of U.S. responsibility for the rise of ISIS. The 2003 invasion of Iraq and later U.S. support for the Shia government in Iraq totally screwed up that area, created massive numbers of Iraq refugees and the conditions where Islamic State grew.

3. There's also U.S. support for the Saudi government whose cruel Wahhabi beliefs are the same as ISIS and who Hillary Clinton said gave (in a leaked cable from 2009) "critical financial support base" for Islamic extremists

4. In Syria we seem to be on the verge of a deal with Russia to let it save the butcher Assad whose mass murders prepared the ground for ISIS and al-Qaeda in that country.

5. So let's not pretend the U.S. government is some neutral outside observer. We helped cause the problem and have responsibilities to the refugees.

6. Back in the 1930's as Hitler was starting his conquests there was hysteria about allowing German Jews into this country. There was fear that might be spies, even those whose relatives were in concentration camps. It was all hysteria. The family of Anne Frank, who every child reads about in school, was denied entry into the United States according to documents found by YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

7. The nations bordering Syria, all many times poorer and less secure than the U.S., have taken in a couple million refugees without any kind of screening. Yes, there are risks, but this country is strong enough and out to be gutsy enough to take them.

8. Norm, have you forgotten the photo of Aylan Kurdi, the three year Syrian who drowned near Turkey? His family was running from Assad and ISIS. Do we just turn our backs on families like his because we deserve 100% safety no matter what?

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