Hey, New York City! Is it Smart to Put a Methane Pipeline
Near Indian Point?

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The federal government has approved plans to put a 42" high pressure "natural gas" pipeline near the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan. That's 50 miles or so upriver from you. No natural gas pipeline do explode like this one near San Francisco in 2010. The experts at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and FERC say there's nothing to worry about. Officials in the towns in the area arent' so sure. Listen to this appeal by nuclear engineer Paul Blanch on July 15. He gave a press conference and spoke in Montrose New York which is a few miles away from where the pipeline will be built.

Now the chances of an explosion that would cripple the nuclear power plant are low, BUT if it actually happened: trillions in damage and a plume of radiation that could sweep across the city depending on how the wind was blowing. Are you OK with the odds?

blanch in front of screen circles (37K)
Approval for Gas Pipeline Based on "inaccurate" and "materially false" Information
Paul Blanch at Press Conference

blanch second time2 (39K)
"This is the Second Time Entergy Has Made False Statement" - Paul Blanch to NRC Panel

blanch at indian point (34K)
TSVN Interview with Paul Blanch next to Indian Point on show #597

town supervisor3 (33K)
Town Supervisor has been Fighting Pipeline Expansion for Years

buchanan mayor2 (34K)
Get Answers to These Questions about the Pipeline - Assure Us its Safe

victor tiship (37K)
20 Million People are Potentially at Risk

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entergy3 (65K)

Other Issues

There are other issues besides the safety of the Indian Point and this particular pipeline. #2 Why expand use of mathane gas at all when scientists say our fossil fuel use policy is dooming the world to a four degree centigrade increase in average temperature in just 80 years? #3 Is it wise to keep a nuclear power plant open near seismic faults? #4 Is it rational to create nuclear waste that we have to guard for thousands of years?

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