Vile Threats against Professor Johnny Williams and Trinity College

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June 28. Statement from Professor Williams "...I called for the demise of systems of white supremacy. I did not make any statements supporting, or advocating, for violence against or the death of any person..."

June 27. Professor Johnny Williams suspended by Trinity president From the article, "Henry Reichman, chair of the AAUP’s Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, said Monday that putting Williams on punitive leave amounted to a 'clear violation of the professor's academic freedom.' The association considers involuntary leaves of absence as severe sanctions that should only be imposed absent a faculty review when the professor in question poses an immediate safety threat."

As of today no member of the CT legislature has publicly supported Williams or complained about his suspension. You can get contact information for your members of of the legislature here.

June 25. Several days ago Trinity College in Hartford closed down for a day because of threat made against one of its professors, his family and to the college itself. Supposedly the violent bile poured out because of a couple of Facebook posts Sociology professor Johnny Williams made about racism. Supposedly he linked to an angry (and very foolish) article saying that people should not help injured "bigots". Williams words were distorted and Professor Williams was accused of calling for letting injured whites die because they were white. It was total garbage. Yet two members of the CT Legislature publicly called for Williams dismissal, even though Williams comments were made on his personal Facebook page and he in no way claimed to be speaking on behalf of the college.

The Right targets professors. Steven Salaita's tweets during an Israeli massacre in Gaza were used to deny him a job at the University of Illinois (I believe he is teaching now in Lebanon). Joseph Massad at Colombia was target for years by pro-apartheid fanatics. Rabab Abdulhadi at San Francisco State University is being sued for her perfectly proper (and admirable) activism for Palestinian rights.

Professor Williams despises racism and not only in the U.S. He's been a supporter of Palestinian rights and a couple years ago hosted the Israeli David Sheen who talked about the horrendous actions the Israeli government is taking against black African refugees in Israel.

The president of Trinity can be reached at or Since the politicans are involved ask your members of the legislature to speak out for acacdemic freedom and in opposition to threats of violence against a righteous person. And contact he Connecticut Civil Liberties Union and American Federation of Teachers and CT Education Association and insist they take a stand.

Over 2,000 Sign this Petition which explains what's happening in plain language...You can too

Statement signed by many Trinity College faculty and students and staff

Statement by AAUP Professors Union

from the American Sociological Association

Article in The New Republic put the attacks on professors in context

Something that calls itself "Campus Reform" started things off with this post which was shared thousands of times.

June 23 Hartford Courant Op-Ed "Trinity Right to Denouce Deplorable Posts" but Courant does not denounce the threats.

"Conservatives" put Williams on a "watchlist" meaning an open invitation for trolls to harass him.

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