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Video 3/1/15


nuclear more personal2 (45K)
Making a Nuclear Attack More Personal

caldicott interview still (34K)
Nuclear Power Plants in the Ukraine Could be Destroyed if War Reaches Them

chomsky manuevers were delicate (26K)
Noam Chomsky - State Power Trumps Actual Security Again and Again

scheer at podium (30K)
Nuclear Warfighting and How Secrecy Corrupts

scheer interview pic (31K)
American Politicians Quite Willing to be Irresponsible about Ukraine

supercomputers2 (55K)
Surprising Facts about Political Views of Nuclear Weapons Scientists

raise three quarter trillion (32K)
How to Get the 3/4 of a Trillion We Desperately Need to Spend on Climate

snyder1 (67K)
Getting Banks to Divest from Companies Making Nuclear Bombs

snyder2 (26K)
Make Nuclear Weapons Illegal, Yes, ILLEGAL

krieger2 (27K)
Marshall Islands Courageously Taking on Nuclear Powers

wright2 (25K)
424 Groups Working In ICAN to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

caldicott save planet (26K)
"I'm not Courageous. I'm a Doctor Telling the Truth"

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