Video of Hartford Black Lives Matter Protest and Arrests

Update 10:00 p.m. The 17 arrested were let out with a PTA, promise to appear

June 8. 7:30 p.m. The Hartford court is demanding an astounding $5,000 bail for each of the dozen people arrested in the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest today. About 20 people blocked a Hartford street near the Old State House to call attention to police brutality. Some left when police warned of arrest.

People counted over 15 police cars and over 30 officers that arrived at the protest, a ludicrous amount since protesters were merely holding signs, holding hands, and chanting

hartford blm stops traffic (16K)
Hartford Black Lives Matter Protest Stops Traffic

bishop selders (17K)
Bishop Selders Explains Protest

if we don't get no justice (18K)
If We Don't Get No Justice, Then You Don't Get No Peace

durant (16K)
I'm Proud That Our Folks are Standing Up for Justice

many many police (19K)
Many Many Police Arrive at the Protest

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Police are Overreacting to What African-Americans are Doing

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It Breaks My Heart and I'm Sick of It

peaceful people (46K)
The Peaceful People Have Been Arrested...We Can All Breathe Easier

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A System of Racism and Bias

moral monday ct graphic (180K)
Stills Taken at the Event

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