2014 the year in photos fantasy font (60K)

2014year24 (571K)
Hartford Protest Against Approval by CT Senators of Attack on Gaza

2014year4 (253K)
In Front of CT Treasury - Sell Off Israel Bonds

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2014year2 (387K)
During Israel's 50 Day Gaza Rampage

2014year21 (634K)
Picket of Ben and Jerry's Branford Store

2014year5 (86K)
Medea Benjamin Receives Gandhi Peace Award of Promoting Enduring Peace

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2014year5b (289K)
Yusuf Shawamreh Murdered in March While Trying to Pick Wild Herbs on His Family's Land

2014year22 (147K)
Groups Protest AIPAC in Washington, DC (Code Pink photo)

2014year19 (509K)
Groups Protest AIPAC in Washington, DC (TSVN photo)

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2014year7 (233K)
Max Blumenthal Speaks at Central CT State University

2014year8 (97K)
Ofra Yeshua-Lyth Speaks about the Impossibility of "Israeli" Nationality

2014year9 (17K)
Chris Hedges Calls for Rebellion at CT Civil Liberties Conference

2014year10 (297K)
Protest of Member of Congress Rosa DeLauro by JVP and MECC

2014year20 (544K)
Climate Convergence Conference Sept in New York City

2014year12 (220K)
Cowboys and Indians Against Keystone XL Pipeline - Washington, DC

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2014year13 (291K)
Rana Abdelhamid Speaks at University of Bridgeport Conference on Egypt Human Rights Violations

2014year14 (568K)
Protest Signs Near Hall Where President Obama Spoke in CT

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2014year15 (76K)
Calling for Bridgeport City Council to Phase Out Dirty Energy Plants

2014year16 (242K)
Ivan Karakashian Explains How Israel Beats Confessions Out of Children - Cape Cod

2014year26 (107K)
Hartford Protest after Killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson

2014year25 (42K)
Yale Law School Die-In in Protest of Police Killings #BlackLivesMatter

2014year17 (544K)
Hoping for Victory - Washington, DC (Code Pink photo)

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